#NGLC Twitter Chat

We participated in the Next Generation Learning Challenge Twitter Chat on May 12 with other schools and people from pursuing personalized learning. It was a great discussion; here are the questions that we responded to as we discussed our work with iPersonalize. Click the buttons to the right to see the whole conversation or to read the article on Next Gen Learning’s website.

Q1: How does your next gen approach to curriculum differ from a more traditional approach?

Q2: Paint a picture for us — what does next gen curriculum look like in your classrooms for your students and teachers?

Q3: Share with us one favorite lesson/activity from your next gen curriculum toolbox!

Q4: In which content areas do you utilize these next gen learning approaches? Why?

Q5: How do you include students across all levels of readiness (students well below or above the standard, ELL students, and others) while ensuring deeper learning outcomes?

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