Our Innovation Idea

Dear Dr. Barnett,

We have 2 ideas about our innovation, and we would like your opinion on which you think would be the best.

Here is our first idea:
We present a full on body protection suit that is transparent and insulated. Therefore, it will keep you dry and warm at the same time. This body suit isn’t just for your protection, but also your comfort. When received it seems like a pillow which keeps your head warm because it is insulated. Using our amazing technology, you can turn it into a waterproof body suit that covers you front and back, head to toe. AND IT IS ALREADY INSULATED so it KEEPS YOU WARM!!! The suit has an inflatable tag for you to pull if the water level becomes too high to manage. That way, it is also like a life jacket. Our product is protected by an outer layer of silicone which can withstand any puncturing objects.

This invention protects people from harm in the heavy rain. Anyone can purchase these on Amazon. They would be provided to store owners through government funding for homeless people who could not afford to purchase them themselves. That way, people who are living on the street could go in to a certain store and “rent” them for free. After the rain and floods pass, the suit will be returned to the shop by the renter. This type of technology has already been used for the Olympic horseback riders. Under the gear that they wear, they wear an inflatable vest. The string to inflate it is attached to the horse, so if they fall off, the string will be pulled and it will inflate.

Here is our second idea:
There is a sack containing a battery powered radio with extra batteries. When you hear on the radio that a storm or flood is coming, you can press the emergency button on the radio and an inflatable house will appear. This is a lightweight invention that will float on water (good for floods) because it is filled with air, and air has a lighter density than water. All you have to do once your infla-house is blown up is close the hatch with the strap provided to ensure that your infla-house doesn’t fill with water. Have a great time with your INFLA-HOUSE. WARNING: Keep away from children under the age of 5. Weight is limited to 500 lbs.

This invention helps people when there are floods. Additionally, this invention will prevent you from dying because you will be able to float on water and debris. Lastly, this invention is lightweight and perfect to carry around. In addition, if your infla-house gets poked by a twig or sharp object, you don’t need to worry. Why would you not worry? Well, the infla-house is protected by an outer layer of silicone, which can withstand puncturing objects.

FSD Team 8 – Victoria, Anika, Alyssa, Maddy

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